Reino Kuber

cinematographer / gimbal operator / editor
Reino Kuber is a cinematographer, gimbal operator and editor from Estonia, currently based in London, UK.
Reino started his journey by exploring different design softwares and photography when he was 12-year-old, which later connected him with the creative world of audiovisual content. His filmmaking career began in 2010 when he commenced making extreme sport videos. A brief time later started to film for branded social media content, music videos, tv commercials and short films for a living.
After being an active videographer and constantly developing his skills, Reino went to study Digital Film Production and Screenwriting at Chichester University in the United Kingdom. He graduated with first class in 2017.
In his spare time he loves to travel, seek out adventures and spend time in nature.
Reino highly values the client’s will and believes that preparation with a hint of improvisation is the key to making a successful music video, film or any project in general. No need to mention, that being compensated for something that used to be a hobby makes one feel motivated to give his all on every single project.
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